Plana Novella-Jafre-Vallgrassa

Circular route. This is a beautiful excursion through the heart of El Garraf Park that runs between forests, farms, crops and vineyards. Suitable for cycling (only a last short stretch to the Palau Novella offers some difficulty).Recommended to all audiences, considering that the distance is not short.

Route specs.

The starting point is at the Novella Palace, in the Plana Novella urbanization. You leave the main track in the south direction following the signs of the GR 92.4 until you reach the abandoned village of Jafre. From there, follow the PR C-37 to Can Planes, fortified farmhouse, and Vallgrassa, the Experimental Center of the Arts, where the GR 92.4 is back, which will continue until the starting point.

Distance: 14,65 km.

Unevenness: 290m

Time aprox.: 3h 40m

Dificulty: Medium

Source: By foot / BTT

Topic: Landscape / Heritage

How to get here: Car access to the starting point is done from Olivella

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