Mas de l’Artis-reservoir of Foix-Castellet

Pleasent walk to the Mas de l'Artís and then a steep climb to the Casa Alta plain.The beginning of the itinerary is at Masia d'en Cabanyes, Center for the Interpretation of Romanticism Manuel de Cabanyes.

Route specs.

You leave towards the west along the Ral path and the path GR 92.4. Arrived on the road from Vilanova to Mas de l’Artís you will find the GR 92, which goes to the right along the track and, later, by a side road to the Mas de l’Artís; After passing the farmhouse, the GR deviates through the Fondo de les Olives (PR C-143) and, further up, through El fondo del Teixidor, to the right. You come out onto the road from Canyelles to Castellet and continue west to El Pla de la Casa Alta, where you leave the GR. You descend to the Pla de les Palmeres and return to the Fund of Olives and the Mas de l’Artís following PR C-143.

Distance: 18,74 km.

Unevenness: 480m.

Time aprox.: 4h 50min.

Dificulty: Hight

Source: By foot

Topic: Landscape / Nature

How to get here: Access to Mas de l'Artís from Masia d'en Cabanyes or Vilanova i la Geltrú

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