Cubelles – Serra de Sant Antoni-Turó de l’Avenc – Puigdetiula

Itinerary that will take us along the Ral path, parallel to the C-31 road towards Tarragona, in the small village of La Solana, and then, behind you the backyard, the Mas de Guineu farmhouse.

Route specs.

Passing next to the farm of Mas Peirot and entering the forest will be an experience, as it seems we are so close to the sea.

The path runs in the middle of a thick forest and quite young, and among the trees, for those who know how to look, there is a shepherd’s house, which in these areas is called mulassa. Almost without realizing it, we will climb Serra de Sant Antoni and Cerro de l’Avenc, where we can look for the Sant Antoni path. Here you can see the Cal Santó farmhouse. Then we will go up to another farmhouse, that of Puigdetiula. Very nice farmhouse with a very special chimney. We will continue going up to find the small route (PR 143, white and yellow marks) to descend to Cubelles for the most important pine forest in the whole municipality.

Distance: 11km.

Unevenness: 200m

Time aprox.: 4h 15min

Dificulty: Medium

Source: By foot / BTT

Topic: Landscape / Nature

How to get here: R2 Sud. Rodalies

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