Canyelles – Olerdola – Puig de l’Àliga

A semi circular route that is not difficult, suitable for everyone, despite a certain extent. The itinerary, which is very fulfilled, runs on the border of the county with Alt Penedès, following one of the most interesting areas of El Garraf for the wide panoramic views, They see it. A spectacular view and the secular patrimony of Olèrdola await us.

Route specs.

Located at the junction of Carrer Major and La Bassa d’en Llot de Canyelles, we start the route along the path that goes up through the Torrent del Pla del Bosc, signposted with a banner. We pass through the urbanizations of Cogullada and Daltmar to go to the Olèrdola complex, first, and then to Puig de l’Àliga; following the ridge the indications of the banners and the marks of continuity of the GR 92.3. We return to Canyelles by a link path that goes to the right (south-east) about 200m down from the Puig de l’Àliga.

Distance: 13,24 Km.

Unevenness: 485m

Time aprox.: 3h 45m

Dificulty: Medium

Source: By foot

Topic: Landscape / Nature

How to get here: L0820 / L0145 Vilanova - Vilafranca - Barcelona Autocars Plana

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