Natural parks

Enjoy Garraf to its core and its most natural corners

Going through the Parks of El Garraf, Olèrdola and Foix is indispensable to know the peculiarities of a protected natural environment. Of arid appearance, with calcareous soil, the Parc del Garraf has a characteristic flora and fauna With special features such as palm, a palm of small dimensions, and the pergola eagle, a species specially protected in recent years. The park also has other attractions such as the Palacio Novella, a building built by an American who housed an agricultural colony and now works as a Buddhist monastery. Olèrdola Park stands out for its monumental complex with Iberian, Roman and Medieval remains, and the Parc del Foix, which has the protagonists of the river and the picturesque Foix reservoir, one of the few wetlands in the Penedès.