Maricel palace

The Maricel de Mar Palace, a building that housed the ancient residence of American billionaire Charles Deering, is the Maricel Museum today. In 1970, Dr. Jesús Pérez-Rosales gave Sitges his collection of art and decorative arts, which includes, mainly, an important sample of medieval art, with murals of Romanesque period, examples of Gothic painting on wood, altarpieces and carvings, as well as various Renaissance carvings and an outstanding sculpture show from the Catalan nineteenth century. It also houses the valuable glass collection of the old Museum of Artistic Reproductions of Barcelona, the Art Collection of the City of Sitges (from Romanticism to the 20th century), where the mark of the painters clearly stands out linked to the Lumi-nista School of Sitges; and, finally, the marine collection of Emerencià Roig i Raventòs, researcher on Catalan fishing and marine historian of the town of Sitges.


Maricel Palace