Library-Museum Víctor Balaguer

Since its foundation, although most of the Museum’s objects were donated by Víctor Balaguer, donations and museographic arrangements have been constant, which has led to the successive expansion of the museum’s spaces. In 1890 Víctor Balaguer built a house in the garden of the Museum, which was the residence to Balaguer during his stays in Vilanova and where they covered the new donations of paintings, sculptures, Philippine and Oriental objects, etc.

From 1949 onwards, the 20th century Catalan painting collection was increased. In 1952 he founded the Centre d’Estudis, a cultural motor of the city. The Museum’s artistic collections are made up of more than 5,000 objects, including the 19th-century painting and sculpture collection and 20th-century painting (Legacy 1956, Pinturas del Café, Vilanoví Promotion, Vilanova School and Contemporary Art) . Other collections available are the decorative elements (ceramics and glass), archeology and ethnography (pre-Columbian, Philippine, Eastern and Egyptian) and coins and medals.