Sons Solers

Sant Pere de Ribes


Sons Solers has been, since its creation in 2014, a music festival different from the rest of those held in Catalonia. This event held at Finca Mas Solers (Sant Pere de Ribes) is committed to native music, and its own essence that makes it a SLOW FESTIVAL.

Since its beginnings, Sons Solers has always been a festival different from the rest celebrated in Catalonia. Established in summer 2014, the Finca Mas Solers festival has opted for quality music-based programming Made in the country and by an essential essence that makes it what we call SLOW FESTIVAL. Natural Environment

Els Sons Solers is celebrated in the incomparable setting of Finca Mas Solers, the Old Grand Casino in Barcelona. Surrounded by the Solers forest, the idyllic Monaco gardens and the Amphitheater of the estate are the venues for a festival that promotes the territory and fosters respect for nature.

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We are committed to quality music made in Catalonia and with a wide variety of styles. The promotion of the artists of the territory is one of the main objectives of the festival.


The Sons Solers is also a great opportunity to taste the excellent gastronomic offer of Finca Mas Solers, a reference in the celebration of all kinds of events.

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We bet on quality music in front of the quantity. No queues, no massages, no overlapping, no hurry, etc. A festival different from the rest of the musical events.

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