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from 17/07/2020 to 19/07/2020

The Fes + Chapeau is a festival that promotes and disseminates performing arts in the street while generating a space for professional art interchange and connection, understanding art as a motor for change, transformation and social cohesion.

Established in 2013, imagined and promoted by its director Isaac Domínguez (La Traca Produccions) with the need to impose itself as one of the main cultural manifestations of the region and become a reference of performing arts on the street.The festival is an eclectic platform with artistic proposals of circus, music, theater, dance, puppets, installations, plastic arts … It experiences scenography with the public space creating original, intimate atmospheres and reverts and places historical and emblematic places of the territorieson the spot. It is a non-profit festival, 80% self-managed and for this reason we promote responsibility, awareness and the critical spirit of the people when assessing shows that are public. We invite an exchange between artists and the public applying the reverse box and the hat. This way new audiences are generated at the same time that the culture is accessible to everybody.